emotional growth

Episode 41 - Codependence 101: Sweet Child o' Mine

Where do we go now? Give me your tiny hand. I will be your Father Figure if you be my Sweet Child O' Mine. Imagine toddler Axl out in the yard playing with George Michael while their mother's watch nervously from their respective lawn chairs. Chart how the typical human upbringing translates into pop music and the gender wars we have today.

Episode 37 - Janice Baldes

Founder of wildly successful handbag company, Bagolitas, describes the rise and fall of her business and the spiritual transformation that accompanied it. Janice discusses the emotional state of womankind today and the upcoming couples retreat she plans to host with psychiatrist and podcaster, Marty Carpenter.

Episode 22 - Divorce: The Cleanup

The emotional wreckage post divorce requires concerted and intentional cleanup. You need to take your time and work through the process. Rushing into new relationships and running from the process of healing only postpones the inevitable and creates more problems than it solves. Join me for a discussion on the subject of recovering from a divorce.