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Episode 66: Salina McCarty is Turning Houses Into Homes

Salina McCarty, co-founder of the nonprofit organization "Houses into Homes" joins THC to talk about her mission. She and others are offering complete furnishings to those exiting homelessness for a permanent residence. In an effort to help people get up off the floor, they are turning empty spaces into places where families can connect, eat, live and grow.

Episode 58: Sweatin' Like a Shrink in Church

Traditional church environments often select for a certain breed of cat. This can leave other cats feeling out of place. Since birds of a feather flock together, congregations frequently develop where those on the fringes feel unwelcome. Taking cues from psychoanalysis, Aldous Huxley and the words of Jesus, Carpenter proposes a way to think about how the subcultures within our churches develop and how this prevents the genuine pursuit of truth and beauty.

Episode 56: Tables Turned: Doctor Interviewed by Wife

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Shelly interviews Marty about his experiences as a psychiatrist. Marty shares his surprising view on medication, mental health, science vs. religion and how he stays emotionally healthy enough to do his job. Shelly elaborates on what being married to a psychiatrist is really like.

Episode 54: The Pout, The Pity Party, The Brood and the Butt Hurt

Everybody gets slighted, disrespected, put down and overlooked. How do you handle it when it happens to you? Uncross those arms and suck in that lower lip. Explore alternatives to the strategies of pouting and pity parties on this episode of THC.

AND, it's Caddyshack at Marty's house. Hear about recent setbacks in the ongoing war with ground squirrels and get an update on his beloved Stihl 660 lumber sports competition model chainsaw. It's not a happy tale.

Episode 50: Sin: Two Experienced Backsliders Elaborate

Life coach, Janice Baldes, and Psychiatrist, Marty Carpenter MD discuss the concept of sin and how to think about it in psychological terms. Marty and Janice include an analysis of traditional religious definitions and provide tips on discovering the triggers that lead us to think and behave in ways that leave us feeling more disconnected.