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Episode 42 - Improvement Starts With What You Already Have

A realistic take on the state you find yourself in is the first step to improvement in any endeavor, especially relationships. Let's talk about taking an honest inventory, exploring our strengths and admitting our weakness on the road to better relationships and a better life.

Episode 37 - Janice Baldes

Founder of Bagolitas, a wildly successful handbag company, describes the rise and fall of her business and the spiritual transformation that accompanied it. Janice discusses the emotional state of womankind today and the upcoming couples retreat she plans to host with psychiatrist and podcaster, Marty Carpenter.

Divorce: The Cleanup

Farm boy meets Freud in this multi-layered yet practical look at navigating a confusing world post-divorce. You don't have to be divorced to benefit. There's a little something for everybody including how BBQ and trauma recovery are related and why Richard Dreyfuss was actually the more sympathetic character in "What About Bob."

Episode 19 - Gratitude 365

Find a reason, any reason, to be thankful. No matter how bad it seems, we can always find gratitude if we are willing. Giving thanks is an intentional decision and a learned skill. The hard part is moving from a persona of "victim" to a persona of "blessed." We must die to ourselves to find gratitude. In this video I explain what that means and how to do it. It has to be done on purpose and with persistence in order to reap the reward of deep peace and contentment. Listen for practical tips and general principles that will help you on your path to emotional health.

Episode 18 - Say No to Timid Say Yes to Strong

Learning how to stand up for ourselves and say no is fundamental to being emotionally healthy. We, in the mental health business, call it "assertiveness." Being assertive means overcoming the fear of what may happen in our relationships if we speak our mind. Assertiveness can be done well or poorly and I'll discuss examples of both.

Episode 17 - How to be a Gentleman During a Nationwide Sexual House Cleaning

The men need to speak up. It's high time we took a stand against the way our mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters are being treated in our society. It's not ok to objectify, abuse, rape, hit or otherwise take advantage of a woman. Share this video. Take a stand in your own life. Don't be part of the problem. It's ok to admit we've been wrong and try to do things differently. Thanks for watching.

Episode 16 - Gender bias and church patriarchy: Psychiatrist dissects his own mind.

Martin Carpenter MD plumbs his own mind on the subject of gender discrimination, describing how his own fears have prevented him from formally speaking out on gender bias in the past. Unlock the secrets of your hangups and frustrations as Dr. Carpenter analyzes this explosive topic with unprecedented vulnerability.