Sin: Two Experienced Backsliders Elaborate

Life coach, Janice Baldes, and Psychiatrist, Marty Carpenter MD discuss the concept of sin and how to think about it in psychological terms. Marty and Janice include an analysis of traditional religious definitions and provide tips on discovering the triggers that lead us to think and behave in ways that leave us feeling more disconnected.

Relationships: The State of our Union

Relationships test our emotional health perhaps more than anything else. Contrary to popular belief, we weren't born knowing how to navigate the complexity of romance. Here's an overview of the most common reasons relationships go off the rails and how to recognize warning signs when yours is in trouble.

Episode 42 - Improvement Starts With What You Already Have

A realistic take on the state you find yourself in is the first step to improvement in any endeavor, especially relationships. Let's talk about taking an honest inventory, exploring our strengths and admitting our weakness on the road to better relationships and a better life.

Episode 37 - Janice Baldes

Founder of Bagolitas, a wildly successful handbag company, describes the rise and fall of her business and the spiritual transformation that accompanied it. Janice discusses the emotional state of womankind today and the upcoming couples retreat she plans to host with psychiatrist and podcaster, Marty Carpenter.