Relationships: The State of our Union

Relationships test our emotional health perhaps more than anything else. Contrary to popular belief, we weren't born knowing how to navigate the complexity of romance. Here's an overview of the most common reasons relationships go off the rails and how to recognize warning signs when yours is in trouble.

Divorce: The Cleanup

Farm boy meets Freud in this multi-layered yet practical look at navigating a confusing world post-divorce. You don't have to be divorced to benefit. There's a little something for everybody including how BBQ and trauma recovery are related and why Richard Dreyfuss was actually the more sympathetic character in "What About Bob."

Episode 20 - Divorce: The Mess

Divorce is virtually always a mess and often in unpredictable ways. Here we examine many of the considerations people often overlook when contemplating ending a marriage. Gain a deeper understanding of the factors leading to marital breakdown and what you might expect post-divorce in the world of dating and finding a new partner.