Episode 42 - Improvement Starts With What You Already Have

A realistic take on the state you find yourself in is the first step to improvement in any endeavor, especially relationships. Let's talk about taking an honest inventory, exploring our strengths and admitting our weakness on the road to better relationships and a better life.

Episode 19 - Gratitude 365

Find a reason, any reason, to be thankful. No matter how bad it seems, we can always find gratitude if we are willing. Giving thanks is an intentional decision and a learned skill. The hard part is moving from a persona of "victim" to a persona of "blessed." We must die to ourselves to find gratitude. In this video I explain what that means and how to do it. It has to be done on purpose and with persistence in order to reap the reward of deep peace and contentment. Listen for practical tips and general principles that will help you on your path to emotional health.